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Cavitation 5MHz RF Body Contouring Machine

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    Cavitation 5MHz RF Body Contouring Machine

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    Ultrasound frequency: 40 KHz

    RF frequency: 5MHz

    Voltage: 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

    Diode laser: 650nm

    Packaging size: 50*45*40CM

    NW/GW: 10/12KG


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5 in 1 vacuum cavitations RF multifunction machine

Quick Details

Working Handles

1 handle 40Khz ( 25w/cm2~ 50 w/cm2)

cavitation for deep cellulite reduction 1 handle

1MHZ ultrasonic for skin tightening and shallow fat loss

1 handle 8 polar RF for body fat dissolving, with vacuum for body sculpturing and de-toxin.

1 handle tripolar RF for fat dissolving, facial skin lifting and rejuvenation

1 handle bipolar RF for eyes around skin lifting and tightening

Instruction RU+8 is the most popular machine on the market to lose weight and tighten skin .Two different ultrasound handles can reduce fat on body,arms,legs and face. Two kinds of RF handles with modern design to life the skin and remove wrinkles. Special velashape handle with eight polar RF is effective to increase the cellulite reduce and lymphatic drainage.


1. Promote tissue metabolism

2. Repel the cellulite

3. Tighten the skin

4. Strengthen the skin elasticity

5. Fat dissolving

6. Body shaping


1. Simple and easy operation

2. Adopt the newest cavitation lipolysis and tripolar rf technology,

3. Use multi-handpieces for body &face treatment.

4. Comfortable, painless, non-surgical with safe fast and effective result

Parameter Ultrasound

frequency: 40 KHz, 1 MHz

RF frequency: 5MHz

Voltage: 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

5mhZ rf Skin rejuvenation Tripolar RF Facial wrinkles removal 6 polar RF body fat removal 40khZ Cavitation System

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