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336 Lipo laser

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    336 Lipo laser

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    BR310 SL

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    lipolaser 650nm and 980nm beauty machine

    highest energy 650 nm ~ 980 nm

    Japanese "Mitsubishi" laser tube

    12 probes 8 big 4 small


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Lipolaser, diode lipolaser, lipolaser machine series from BEIR COMPANY


lipolaser 650nm and 980nm beauty machine

highest energy 650 nm ~ 980 nm

Japanese "Mitsubishi" laser tube

12 probes 8 big 4 small

lipolaser Treatment

theory: Using the power of 200MW, max 300mw Lipolaser machine. Best suited for the physical reduction of fat, fat explosions laser diode 658 nm, 980 nm depth and melt over technology is the popular new high technology for fat reduction and body contouring.

Lipolaser Applications: Solution of fat reduction is safe and effective that can be applied to multiple areas such as waist, abdomen, buttocks, back and thigh areas, arms and armpits! lipolaser

APPLICATION : *Intensive physical LASER lipolysis to remove fat *Excess fat cell melted *Body slimming, cellulite reduction *Smooth fatigue *Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals *Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism


1). Diodes laser lamparas are of the famous Japanese brand 'Mitsubishi', good quality.

2). High power of each diodes 100-200mw, true.

3). CPU board independent for each pad, more stable and easier to maintain.

4) Each pad has seven fans, cooling is very good.

5). Two waves. 650nm and 980nm, work together, to grease 650nm, 980nm to improve skin.

6). Multi color touch screen 8 inch, 4 different language.

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