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Cavitation Fast slimming Machine

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    Cavitation Fast slimming Machine

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    Cavitation Fast Slimming Parameter TFT LCD Display Technology: Cavitation Cavitation frequency: 35KHz-40KHz Cavitation Max Power: 50W NW./G.W:3KGS/4.5KGS


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CAVITATION FAST SLIMMING MACHINE The main components pick large scale integrated circuits, clear vision and high reliability. The strong sound wave system uses the best from 35KHz to 40KHz ultrasonic frequency for body shaping, This frequency can be effective for treat stubborn cellulite and orange peel fat, which use sound waves of the cavity effect, acting on the fat group and break them down and then absorbed by lymphatic system. RF system uses 1MHz RF frequency, which can make cells produced a strong resonance of water molecules rotate and produce heat by the friction. Thereby heat up to the collagen and fat cells for the purpose of heating. Application: cavitations:blast fat on arm, abdomen, buttocks and thigh ,and improve the skin.

Cavitation slimming machine Cavitation Fast cellulite removal Portable weight loss

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