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IPL Beauty machine system

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    IPL Beauty machine system

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     IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) adopts the principle that substance absorbs light selectively. As different target tissues absorbs pulsed light with different spectrum and the light acts on pigment. Through photo thermal and actinism, the machine could dispel pigment, concrete blood vessel, burn the hair follicle and stimulate the collagen to regeneration, then it will achieve the aim to dispelling speckles, treating telangiectasis, removing hair and rejuvenating skin. Because the normal skin absorbs little energy, so the treatment is safe!


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1. Permanent hair removal: remove hair from face, upper lip, chin, neck, chest, arms, legs and bikinis area

2. Skin Rejuvenation including skin whitening, pore shrinking, skin smooth and elasticity, etc.

3. Acnes Treatment
4. Vascular lesions Treatment
5. Pigmentations Treatment including freckles, age spot, sun spot, etc

Technical specification:

1.Light sourceIntense Pulsed Light
2.Range of Spectrum (filter slices): 480-1200nm: remove acne

530-1200nm: speckles treatment

560-1200nm: skin rejuvenation

590-1200nm: remove red blood vessels

640-1200nm: Special for removing unwanted hair

or Four magnetic sapphire crystals for interchangeable: 480nm/560nm/585nm/640nm

3. Screen Display: 8 inch color touch screen
4. Energy: 50J/cm2
5. Spot Size: 8*40mm
6. Pulse width: 1-10ms
7. Pulse delay: 5-100ms
8. Frequency: 1-3Hz
9. Pulse Number: 2~6, adjustable
10. Dimension51×41×40cm

11: cooling system: radiator+ water cooling+ fans+ air cooling
12 .Net weight: 30 kg
13. Power supply: AC110V/10A/ 60Hz, AC220V/5A/50Hz

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