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RF BIO Electrostimulation Facial Machine

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    RF BIO Electrostimulation Facial Machine

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    Multipolar RF skin beauty equipment 

    Bipolar RF head for eyes, 
    Tripolar RF head with 630nm red LED for face, skin lifting,wrinkle removal

    RF BIO Electro stimulation

    Voltage: AC110V/220V,50/60Hz

    RF frequency:5MHz

    RF Levels: 1-30J/cm²

    BIO Intensity: 100KHz-300KHz

    Red Led Wave Length: 630nm

    Power: 80W



    Outside Package: 38CM*42CM*45CM


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Product Instruction

BR3.0 have three working handle pieces: tripolar RF, Bipolar RF and BIO RF Electro stimulation

RF BIO Autologous Collagen Protein Activation Function

From the most advanced in the United States autologous collagen activation means.It is mainly from the site of the customer's face, thighs, waist and collagen accumulation cells sucked out, then after metabolic activation process into a high density of active cell granules, and clever it is transferred to the parts need to collagen - fillfacial collapse, wrinkles and sags, breasts and other body collapse, integrated to improve posture and facial young state.

The RF BIO Electro stimulation Principle
Autologous collagen and fat activation means, from the site of the excessive accumulation of collagen and fat thighs, waist, suck and shift redundant fat and collagen, the activation process into a high density of active cell granules thus filled face collapse, the collapse of wrinkles and sags, breasts and other body parts, integrated to improve posture and facial young state. This technology because of its safe, quick, comfortable, healthy, not rejection, realistic touch, the effect lasting features has become a strong new trend in the medical and beauty industry!

With the development of medical technology, improved skin aging face recession problem has been resolved, latest from the United States BIO the collagen activation technology autologous fat metabolism function of human skin, the skin dermis layer and basal layer effectively produce high quality collagen wrinkle removal, eliminate dark circles, pigmentation, repair stretch marks. Whitening effect.
Beautiful skin is no longer a personal problem, but an important factor in the family happiness and harmony, the permanent mutual attraction between partners, also add color personal life.

Multipolar RF Skin Beauty Function

This RF(Radio Frequency) beauty equipment is a new design for distributers or cosmetics company.

one is bipolar RF head for eyes,eliminate black circles,promote the ocular region blood circulation effectively,increase the product absorbing.

Tripolar RF head with 630nm red light is for face and body, functions with face line lifting,wrinkle removal,promote the ocular region blood circulation,increase the cosmetic product absorbing.

RF beauty equipment BIO wrinkles removal skin rejuvenation machine

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