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540 pins Mciro Needle Skin Nursing System

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    540 pins Mciro Needle Skin Nursing System

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    Features :

     540PINS  with 0.2mm,0.25mm,0.3mm,0.5mm,1.0mm, 1.5mm,2.0mm

      the heads can be  Replace with different size heads 

    ③ can be change to 180 pins ( for upper lips and eyelid)


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DRS60 540 PINS Dermaroller System
Micro-needle therapy or Derma roller is used for skin micro roller "minimally invasive" stimulation, in a short time to create a large number of micro-channels in the epidermis and dermis, subcutaneous tissue formed between a superior delivery system, the activity of the product ingredients and nutrients to be quickly absorbed through the skin, greatly enhance the product's efficacy.
"540pins DNS REVO" compared with the ordinary micro-needle, "DNS REVO" has a quick, less invasive, healing time is short, and according to skin surface, middle, or deep skin and hypodermic layer ,then processing selective care; and realize painless treatments.

Extra Needles per Head

The Skin Roller has 540 needles per roller head, in comparison with the standard roller that has less than 200 needles per head. With extra needles, you will have greater penetration in much less time.

Needle shape leads to less discomfort

The diamond shape of the 540 Needles Skin Roller leads to less pain compared to the standard round shaped needle of other skin rollers. This is because the thickness of the spherical-shaped needle is twice as large as the diamond shape needle of the 540 Needles Skin Roller.

Features :

540PINS with 0.2mm,0.25mm,0.3mm,0.5mm,1.0mm, 1.5mm,2.0mm

the heads can be Replace with different size heads

can be change to 180 pins ( for upper lips and eyelid)

The function of different size rollers :


Skin Restoration,

lmprove Alopecia,

Homecare Therapy,

Active ingredient delivery


Skin Whitening,

lmprove skin pigmentation,

lmprove wrinkle (eye area),

lmprove Alopecia,

Collagen Induction,

Drug delivery

1.0 mm

lmprove Wrinkle,

Collagen Induction,

lmprove Skin Scar,

Cellulite treatment,

Skin Thickness,

Face Firming,

Face Body Lifting

1.5 mm

Pregnancy lines

Thick wrinkle

Large pore


Dark sore concavex hole

Pimple scar

Severe decline of elasticity


1. Choose appropriate length of needle according to the treatment.

2. The beautic should concentrate, the rolling of Derma Roller should be meticulous and dense, the strength should be uniform.

3. Apply cool mask after Derma Roller treatment, it has the effect of easing, eliminating redness and moisturizing.

4. Pay attention to anti-inflammation and sun blocking.

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