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540 LED Dermaroller Skin nursing

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    540 LED Dermaroller Skin nursing

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    Derma Needling System (DNS) is a type of Minimally Invasive (MI) therapy that stimulates and opens large numbers of micro channels to amplify the delivery of nutrients from the surface of our skin to the roots of our epidermis to maximize the process of skin nourishment. The minute MI opening also triggers our skin to release high doses of collagen through the process of skin regeneration, leaving us with instantly revived skin.

    TO further amplify the results of the DNS therapy, biogenesis is proud to introduce the enw and sensational DNS REVOthe new roller encompasses of 4 enhanced technology:

    1. DNS massage: Maximize absorption and shorten recovery time.

    2. DNS Photon: Adds variation and secure the long lastivity of the result.

    3. DNS Sense: Increase metabolism and intensify absorption.

    4. DNS 540: Increse contact surface and minimize pain.



    1. BIO galvanic current recover system, adjustable from 1 to 5 gears of the intensity;

    2. LED optics skin rejuvenation system;

    3. Vibration massage functions systemadjustable from 1 to 3 gears of the intensity;

    4. Optional batteries or adapters for power supply ,storage battery charging pattern

    5Interchangeable 540 pins rollers ,optional titanium or stainless steel needles



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Derma Needling System (DNS) is a type of Minimally Invasive (MI) therapy that stimulates and opens large numbers of micro channels to amplify the delivery of nutrients from the surface of our skin to the roots of our epidermis to maximize the process of skin nourishment. The minute MI opening also triggers our skin to release high doses of collagen through the process of skin regeneration, leaving us with instantly revived skin.

TO further amplify the results of the DNS therapy, biogenesis is proud to introduce the enw and sensational DNS REVO, the new roller encompasses of 4 enhanced technology:

1. DNS massage: Maximize absorption and shorten recovery time.

2. DNS Photon: Adds variation and secure the long lastivity of the result.

3. DNS Sense: Increase metabolism and intensify absorption.

4. DNS 540: Increse contact surface and minimize pain.

Basic operation

1. Insert two 7V AAA batteries (Not included) into the battery compartment in aceordance to the +and - symbols ;.

2. Insert the exchangeable roller head into the exchangeable roller head receptacle and remove the needle protector.

3. Start LED Optical massage button and Uniform operating

Photon Implementation

The DNS Se+ is equipped with an independent photon emitter with options of producing rays between the range of 470nm to 640nm,this added feature provides more options for the treatment and helps secure the incredible and long lasting effect(photon colors are handle specific)

Red photon increases the oxygen level of our skin and enhances cell activities

Blue photon is extremely effective at calming the skin after vigorous needling treatment.

Green photon is particularly effective at detoxing our skin and maintaining a healthy balance.

Yellow photon enhances the movement of our lymphatic system and improves the texture of our skin.


1. Do not share the instrument ,it is for personal use only

2. Sterile the exchangeable heads before performing a treatment

3. Only apply the treatment with mild pressure.

4. Avoid exposure to continuous high temperature after the treatment.

5. Avoid treatments involving scrubs, salts and dermabrasion after the treatment

6. Do not apply lotion of cream that are too vigorous after the treatment

7. Do not apply the treatment or cream that are too vigorous after the treatment

8. If the skin reacts with rash or irritations, consulting your local GP

SENSE implementation

SENSE is a vibrating feature which we have fine tune to optimal. The subtle vibrating pattern intensifies absorption and enhances the penetration of

Nutrient to our lower derma where it is most needed.

Fibers, healing ability, to achieve a deep nourish and improve the results.

Needle range and specification

Needle range

Skin type


Suitable for sensitive skin types and general skin care. Role: General skin care, Nourishment, Lightening dark patches


Suitable for regular application and general nourishment treatments.

Role: General skin care, Nourishment, Lightening dark patches, Anti fine line lines, Lifting, Firming. Acne and blemish control


Suitable for unhealthy skin and clinical treatments.

Role: Anti wrinkles, stretch marks, Lighting tattoos, Reducing scars, Cellulite treatments, Reduce visible after effects of blemish and acne outburst


Suitable for clinical treatments and severely damaged skin surface.

Role: Anti wrinkles, stretch marks, Lighting tattoos, Reducing scars, Cellulite treatments, Reduce visible after effects of blemish and acne outburst.

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