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Multifunctional Demaroller

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    Multifunctional Demaroller

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    Micro-needle therapy or Derma roller is used for skin micro roller "minimally invasive" stimulation, in a short time to create a large number of micro-channels in the epidermis and dermis, subcutaneous tissue formed between a superior delivery system, the activity of the product ingredients and nutrients to be quickly absorbed through the skin, greatly enhance the product's efficacy.

    "DNS REVO" more with the optical micro-needle therapy, vibrating massage therapy , bionic and galvanic energy therapy three power technology, compared with the ordinary micro-needle, "DNS REVO" has a quick, less invasive, healing time is short, and according to skin surface, middle, or deep skin and
    hypodermic layer ,then processing selective care; and realize painless treatments.


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