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Multipolar RF Slimming Instrument

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    Multipolar RF Slimming Instrument

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    Tripolar RF working head;

    Sixpolar RF working head;

    35KHz-40KHz Cavitation head, 40W for deep layer Fat;

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Sixpolar RF+Tripolar RF

vitation frequency 35KHz-40KHz

Cavitation Max Power 80W

Tripolar RF 1MHz (output frequency);

Sixpolar RF 1MHz (output frequency );

Handpieces Three pieces

1).Sixpolar RF head
2).Tripolar RF head
3).Ultrasonic cavitation head

Voltage 220±10 V AC/110±10 V AC 50/60Hz
Size for machine:49cm×32cm×26cm(L×W×H)
Outside Carton Size 58CMX40CMX38CM
NW./GW. Weight 12KGS/20KGS

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